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Scott is Okay - 'Money'

As he continues to hide his mysterious identity, Scott is Okay latest single 'Money'; is an intricate exploration of loneliness through minimalistic yet intriguing lo-fi pop.

Whilst his creativity has blossomed through producing and writing for the likes of Baby Queen and Tragic Sasha. Scott is Okay is now taking his own route within the alt-pop world; seeing his hazy melodies come together with deep undertone vocals.

With 'Money' being his most recent work, Scott is Okay insight into loneliness offers comfort amongst others through the emphasises on mellow soundscapes with lyrical integration. As he touches on the value of social relations, Scott explained further: "I learned that friendships are something you have to work towards. If you don't put in the effort, they deteriorate and fizzle away. I've let it happen a few too many times and often realised that when it was too late."

Since emerging onto the London scene, Scott is Okay has expanded his horizon and continues to immerse the uniqueness that puts him at the forefront of the rising music scene.