Sarpa Salpa - 'Another Life'

Rising Northampton-based Sarpa Salpa bring the dancefloors to our doors with their funky offering 'Another Life'.

Twisting and turning through the glittering bass alongside the splash of 80s soundscapes; Sarpa Salpa continues to prove their worth as their sophomore EP is just around the corner.

As we enjoy the bursting colours of the driving drums that complement the pop vibes of the rhythm; lies beneath an emotion of love that arises through the mellow vocals within the detailed lyricism - coming from the heart of someone who has experienced the rollercoaster of heads over heels.

Speaking about their latest release, the five-piece band added: "'Another Life' tackles the idea of being completely head over heels in love with somebody, devoting everything to them. However, despite the warning signs, you cannot bring yourself to admit that your love is unrequited, your optimism outweighing what you know - that you’ll never quite have the love you’re giving reciprocated”.

Through the tale of a love story, Sarpa Salpa kicks off 2021 in indie-pop fashion that will soon lead to fans of Foals and Everything Everything catching on.

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