SARAS - 'Whiplash'

An exhilarating piece of vibrant pop; delving into the difficulties and setbacks of romantic relationships within Los-Angeles singer-songwriter latest single 'Whiplash'.

Growing through the routes of the world, SARAS finds freedom in the life that has been shaped by her upbringing and shares it through the shimmering storytelling she possesses. As she takes artistic influences of Spice Girls to Lady Gaga, with the spice of Broadway; SARAS's lastest single 'Whiplash' is a slice of fast-pace pop that's infused by dynamic synth beats with the bursts of electronica productions.

With the gleaming lyricisms attached to 'Whiplash', SARAS explained: " It's about the confusion of wanting someone who doesn’t know what they want and the pain of trying to cope with their changing mind and drastic mood changes”. She adds: "This song is about something really specific in my life but, it's also really relatable because often when the ground underneath our feet falls away, we’re all just expected to keep on walking."

Whilst she fills her intimate experiences with rich soundscapes, 'Whiplash' is a pure example of what's to come.

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