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Sammi Constantine - 'The Show'

Sydney-based dark-popstar Sammi Constantine entices us with an audaciously raw hit that shows us vulnerability is not weakness but strength within her latest single, 'The Show'.

'The Show' is chaos. It is fear, despair, loneliness, disconnection, and exhausting. All these things scare us, but they are also inherently human, and that's what makes Sammi's music so powerful and inspiring. Revealing achingly personal demons, Sammi has her eyes set on crushing any stigma surrounding mental health and giving power back to those imprisoned by their own mind.

Erratic and eerie beats take us through a swirling self-battle that Sammi cleverly represents in her self-directed music video. Truly a triple-threat, Sammi beautifully details the pain of losing the wheel to self-doubt and paranoia, leaving you trapped in a "mental prison" as your "inner self starts to run the show".

The music video only hints at Sammi's daring attitude, and we can continue the self-driven story with the release of her 1721 EP in 2022. Described as being a "cathartic rollercoaster of self-expression after a long-term break-up." Sammi captures her fearlessness to confront the dark days and to bring a strong relatability to her music.

We wait in anticipation, but for now, immerse yourself in Sammi's rich storytelling and enjoy the show.