Sam and Sounds: 'Mamma Mia Girl'

Rising, indie-pop star Sam and Sounds is back again with his fifth single 'Mamma Mia Girl'.

Since launching his career during the depths of the worldwide pandemic, Sam and

Sounds has gone from singles 'Do it All Again' to 'Cloud 9' to now 'Mamma Mia Girl'; that proves his music is undoubtedly getting better. Infused by ukulele inspired guitar strings and uplifting beats, 'Mamma Mia Girl' is yet another fun-loving and high-spirited single to say goodbye to summer.

Explaining the meaning behind 'Mamma Mia Girl', Sam and Sounds explains: "It's an elaborate way of describing my girlfriend. Not only the way that I would describe her but in the way that she would want to be talked about too. She is obsessed with the Mamma Mia movies and, she's in love with the fashion and coastal life that they give off. Don't worry she isn't enamoured by the idea of going off with three different guys though!"

From busking on the streets of Turnbridge Wells and Crawley to now gaining thousands of streams on Spotify, Sam and Sounds continues to offer us jubilant and standout music.

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