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Sam and Sounds: 'In Time, She's Mine'

Pure indie bliss from the newest and most exciting hidden gem within the music scene.

After launching his career within the life of the pandemic, his first three singles 'Do it All Again', 'Addicted to You' and 'Cloud 9' has shaken the indie-pop culture; soaring to 200,000 streams within three months and gaining over 30,000 monthly listeners.

Already gaining widespread attention for his music, 'In Time, She's Mine' proves why the artist is having the time of his life - even within a pandemic - as he shows off his abilities to produce and master feel-good songs.

'In Time, She's Mine' is an ultimate, upbeat, bouncy indie-pop banger that makes you want to get up and scream the lyrics from the top of your lungs. The electrifying beats, fast-paced production and magnetic guitar strings combining with youthful vocals take the listeners on a journey of a guy having the courage talking to a girl for the first time. Speaking about the single Sam said: "I wanted to go back in time a bit and write a song about the time before my girlfriend and I became a thing and I was in the chasing phase. It was a fun time, like not necessarily knowing what to say or saying stupid things, but still having confidence that ‘in time, she’s mine."

From busking on the streets of Tunbridge Wells and Crawley to now towering the indie-pop scene; Sam and Sounds has once again perfected his craft and I don't think it's going to be the last we hear from him.