Sal Dulu - 'B' feat Koncept Jack$on

Dublin based producer-musician Sal Dulu, shares his new downtempo single 'B' featuring Koncept Jack$on that is an unsurprising match made in heaven.

As Sal Dulu delves into a slow yet intriguing modernized hip-hop helped by the VA-based artist, Koncept Jack$on smoothed vocals the collab is a dreamy, hypnotic escape of reality for the listeners through erratic electronic tones and tender strings.

Keeping a tight-lip on his debut album 'Xompulse' (set for release next February) Sal Dulu gives us an insight of what to come as he said: "The album comprises fragments of aural and visual memories and assimilates these in a series of memory-based songs or dreams. The album can essentially be described as moving through a dreamscape."

Sonically leaving off from where he started, Sal Dulu demonstrates versatility as he continues to blend different styles from jazz to hip-hop that give off glitchy-esque aesthetics; something we are all living off.

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