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Saintboy: EL SAINT

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Infused with flavour and passion, Saintboy debut album 'EL SAINT' has put the artist on the music map with his love for Spanish and English influences.

All photos courtesy of SAINTBOY

Formerly known as John, the independent artist has endured personal challenges but, thrived within the music scene through his infused mix of R&B and reggae music mixed with personal lyrics and fire beats that want to make you dance.

At such a young age, the artist has gained attention with hit singles 'Saintboy' and ' I Wanna Get Lit in Paris' and it's no wonder 'EL SAINT' is picking up the same amount of attention.

Following the release of his album, Vibez Music caught up with the artist to talk about what music means to him, who he would like to collaborate with and his goal in life.

How excited are you for supporters to hear your debut album 'El Saint'?

I’m excited for my fans to hear EL SAINT. I have been working on this album for about a year and a half now. There were a lot of ups and downs throughout the journey of making this album and now that it’s finally done, I can’t wait for people to hear it.

We've also noticed the track-list of the album - could you explain to us a bit more about the story behind the project.

This project is a representation of me from where I come from which is from a country named “Panama”. All the emotional rides from the last year and a half are portrayed through the process and you will be able to tell how I was feeling in most of the songs.

This album is also about me and the kind of music I like to create. I don’t consider myself a rapper; I consider myself an artist because I create music in many different styles and genres.

With no record label, producing merchandise by yourself and gaining recent attention, have you faced any challenges with producing this album?

I faced a lot of challenges whilst making this album, for one my girlfriend was pregnant throughout more than half of the album so that was heavy on me emotionally. My son was born May 3rd,2020 and he is healthy and well.

For someone who hasn't heard of you, how would you describe your sound and what is your typical process of creating a song?

I would describe my sound very different and unique with a melodic mix of Spanish/English. My process of making a song always starts with the beat; the beat must be fire for me to get a feel for it. After that, I start writing depends on the type of beat and the feel that I get from it. For example, if it’s a trap beat, I usually write something that’s hype and gives off a burst of energy, or if it’s a calm beat than I’ll do something that’ll give you vibes to chill with.

If you could pick one artist to collaborate with, who would it be?

I’m a fan of many artists such as Travis Scott, Saint Jhn and PARTYNEXTDOOR. But, if I could only pick one to collaborate with, it would have to be Post Malone because not only does, he inspires me a lot, but he's also like me when it comes to music he creates. From R&B to Country; he likes it and doesn’t care what anyone thinks if the song is amazing.

As a young artist, what influenced you to start in music?

I always knew I had something for music, but I never knew I liked it that much to the point where I would start making it myself. I would say I influenced myself, but also with the help of my friends and other artists that I look up to.

What is something you've learned about yourself through making music?

Something I have learned about myself through making music is that I’m someone who likes to do things as best as possible. I’ve also learned that I have patience because making music can be very irritating and exhausting.

Fans favourite are 'SAINTBOY' and 'I WANNA GET LITT IN PARIS', what is the meaning behind these tracks and what is your favourite track you've produced?

“SAINTBOY” is literally about me and my life. It’s all factual about my life and the people who know me know that. The song has a dark interlude intro but in the middle of the song, it turns into a trap beat. That’s how I am a lot of time really, calm and then I just want to get lit out of nowhere.

“I WANNA GET LITT IN PARIS” was made because I want to get litt in Paris - that’s one of my goals for sure. But it’s also a track that gave my fans and other people a side of me that they have never seen before which is the trap/rap side of me with a melodic sound that I have.

With music evolving so much, who is your favourite artist now?

My favourite artists now are Post Malone, Saint Jhn and Travis Scott. These 3 are amazing as they inspire me in so many ways. I want to work with all three of them! That’s one of my goals for sure.

Finally, what's the bucket list goal for you?

My goal is to inspire people in a positive good way, sell out arenas, provide for my family and achieving every new thing that I desire. But, for sure my main goal is to be a role model for my son and the people out there who support me and enjoy my music. I appreciate every single person who listens to my music and shares it with their friends.

Don't forget to check out his debut album here.