Saint Clair: ‘In the Violet Hour: A Portrait on Grief’

An emphatic envision of the feelings Saint Clair has experienced over her lifetime; emphasised through detailed lyricism and pin-pointed visualising chapters that capture true moments of denial to the final feeling of acceptance.

Following the loss of her father, the British singer-songwriter captures the moments of grief through a creative outlet that sets her out with chapter one 'goddess'. Exploring the first feeling of denial, Saint Clair dark, but soulful vocals attempt to navigate heartbreak and loss that rolls with a modern groove which speaks from the heart. With an introspective introduction of haunting shots, listeners delve within the darkness that's surrounded by the sounds of rage; opening chapter two 'violet hour'. Setting with a stripped back feel through smooth acoustic riffs and slowed-down vocals, Clair ups it a notch within the chorus through powerful vocals and mechanical beats that brings an infused sound of Banks coming together with Lorde-esque productions. Emphasised by the Skelling figurine engraved within the video through intricate shots of movement that portray the honest feeling of rage; Saint Clair slowly rinses the purple layers of oil as she burns away the memories of her past and steps into the next feeling of loneliness in 'elegy in c'.

Bridged by the emotive personal audio of her father, 'elegy in c' is a sorrow reflection of honouring the dead. Through minimalistic production and painful yet raw lyrics, Saint Clair is at her most vulnerable as she sings: "I only miss you when I'm breathing." Speaking of in the 'violet hour’, Saint Clair said: "This piece is dedicated to my amazing dad - an unforgettable life force - and I very much hope it resonates with anyone experiencing their own loss.”

Closing the four-track project is that final feeling of relief and accepting the journey she has experienced within 'better'. With an organic soundscape and slow yet compelling vocals approach to the track, Saint Clair brings hope to the final chapter. Describing her final branch, Saint Clair commented: "Throughout the previous 3 chapters we have guided the audience through denial, rage and numbness and with this concluding

episode, we wanted to create something hopeful. My sister Tam, who directed the film, thought a stop animation would be a beautiful and moving way to embody acceptance and also to faithfully accompany the song, which is much more organic and stripped back."

With a mesmerizing haunting yet powerful visual of the EP; created by her sister, Tasmin added: " 'in the violet hour: a portrait on grief’ is a creative collaboration between my sister and I brought about by the mutual experience of losing our father in 2015. Inspired by music that Emma (aka Saint Clair) had written about her dealings with grief, I then developed a visual landscape to accompany the songs, exploring my own alien feelings of grief in the process.”

As the singer-songwriter comes to a close with 'In the Violet Hour: A Portrait on Grief', a beautiful memoir of her father, Saint Clair is now looking out to the future.

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