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Saige - 'Mama'

Contemplative yet straight to the point, Irish artist Saige, is embracing the spotlight on her latest dreamy release 'Mama'.

Making waves with her debut releases, Saige is shifting to a new angle through poetic and emotional maturity as she delves into the resonation of being lonely. Through raw-echoed vocals that are juxtaposed with uplifting harmonies, Saige cries for help as she hits rock bottom but sees the light at the end of the tunnel. Speaking about her latest release, Saige describes the track as "an introspective delve into a mind that is feeling isolated and vulnerable."

'Mama' shows the purification of the artist's blend of pop and electronica that is leading her the way through the industry. With years ahead of her, it's clear she will constantly grow, but for now, her glistening synths and soothing vocals are winning the hearts of others.