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Sabiyha - 'Lullaby'

Soul-pop perfection within South-London rising singer-songwriter Sabiyha latest single 'Lullaby'.

Taking her Guyanese heritage into account, she celebrates her personal life through a self-expressed single, emphasised by detailed production of nanny's looped chant that flow into the beats built up around her childhood games.

As she pays tribute to her family ties, specifically to her Nanny; 'Lullaby' brings a sense of togetherness through intricate soundbites of her family, layered by bubbling production with lyrics purposefully sung in broken English. Speaking about her latest single, Sabiyha adds: "I wrote it in broken English to represent what I hear, and the beauty that comes with our language. There can be such a culture in England of mocking accents and language and, I want to show that we’re proud of ours and it’s nothing to be laughed at. I love being Guyanese and, I love exploring my culture. My Nanny had a very, hard life and had taught us about her own resilience and how she has overcome real pain and struggle. That has definitely influenced me."

Following on from her single, 'Do I Matter'; Sabiyha slick approach to R&B with the mixed pop productions and her own experiences stuns listeners into potent emotions of vulnerability yet powerful singles.