Ruby Joyce - 'Just Friends'

With already making a name for herself with hitmaker Holly Humberstone, independent talent Ruby Joyce returns with a sweet yet contemplation of ‘Just Friends'.

Emerging through the lives of lockdown, Wiltshire-based indie-pop artist Ruby Joyce has risen with the perfection of her craft and ventures the territory of youthful relationships within her latest release, 'Just Friends'.

Combined with refined rhythms and delicate harmonies, Ruby lyrically explores the relationship that didn't turn out the way it expected. "For Me 'Just Friends' reflects my experience of long-term rejection and the feeling of inferiority towards someone I cared about, only to eventually get close to them and realise they weren’t for me after all," said Ruby. "This song was about regaining my self-esteem and self-belief while respectfully reflecting on my experience and being grateful for the person it helped me to be."

Through the mellow vocal tones with the flow of candid soundscapes, newcomer Ruby Joyce explores the life of adolescents and is truly on her way.

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