Rosie Shaw Debut EP - 'Sometime Soon'

Oxford-born singer-songwriter, Rosie Shaw, has crafted a beautiful debut project that jumps into the experiences of heartbreak, perfect for cold sleepless nights and euphoric night drives.

Written from the comfort of her own bedroom, Rosie spent most of 2019 delving into her own life and taking influences such as Bon Iver and Phoebe Bridgers, to create a stunning yet personal four-track EP. With all four tracks showing a form of vulnerability, Rosie allows an organic intimacy to come to light as she comes to acceptance on her past. The opener, 'Temporary Love' is guided through by an indie-pop arrangement that flows alongside celestial vocals; tinted with unpredictable love. Followed by the title track 'Sometime Soon', a stripped-back setting, fulfilled with glistening acoustic strings; which draws to Rosie's yearning, heartfelt vocals.

With each song written and produced with precise delicacy, Rosie allows listeners to seep through her eyes of life. '3:55' a more upbeat track compared to the rest of the EP, still carries that atmospheric heartbreak, but is juxtaposed through by shimmering beats and soaring melodies. Closed off with 'Summer Doesn't Feel the Same' that's drifted by graceful vocals and nothing else, as we are captivated by poignant lyricism.

'Sometime Soon' is a new but breath-taking look into bedroom pop as Rosie Shaw takes on the world with a raw outsight to our society.

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