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Robert Grace - 'Break The Silence'

Irish artist Robert Grace has just dropped his anthemic new single, ‘Break The Silence’.

This is the Irish artist's fourth release of the year, which sees him opening up with a catchy urban pop beat that immediately gets the listeners toes tapping.

‘Break The Silence’ tells the very relatable tale of a toxic relationship coming to an end and its aftermath – when you know you shouldn’t be calling the other person, but you still do because loneliness has gotten the better of you.

The Irish singer-songwriter has been making huge waves for himself, having gained tens of million plays on Spotify, millions of views on YouTube, 1.8 million TikTok Followers and a very dedicated Instagram community. He has also recently played a London show in Gold Dust club, which got quite the crowd.

Filled with honesty, emotion, straightforward lyrics and overall extreme catchiness, ‘Break The Silence’ is a must-have in your playlists.