Richard Fairlie Debut EP 'Maybe I'm Just A Little Bit Broken'

An intimate yet conscious diary entry of the rising British singer-songwriters past year as he finds acceptances and comes to terms his healings within his debut EP 'Maybe I'm Just A Little Bit Broken'.

Travelling through the oaths of genres, Richard Fairlie routes between hip-hop with the infused breaks of pop; creating a subtle yet powerful soundscape, that captures you from the first beat till the last. As he draws inspiration from Kanye West to the soulful Sam Smith, Fairlie's debut EP is a sweeping 14-minute journey that allows listeners to understand his honest emotions.

Through the raw vocals that flow alongside the aperture lyrics, Fairlie opens the EP with his acclaimed catchy single 'Fonda on the Roof' which follows into the haunting 'The Edge' of low RnB trap that rapidly blends into a bitter ballad. In which delves into the ever-growing feeling of breakup closure. Whilst listeners are thrown into the project both singles capture his emphasis of the seductive mix of hip-hop beats with his staple R&B - pop vocals.

Whilst listeners are remembered of the old, Fairlie shows off his newest track 'Talk XXXtended' that adds an extra dynamic of self-expression through dark landscapes. Closing off the EP with the ethereal 'The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face', Fairlie maintains his unique falsetto which oozes into the finale 'Maybe I'm Just A Little Bit Broken'. A euphoric closer that delves into the artists deepest thoughts and reaches the peak of his artistry.

Since making a hit onto the music scene back in 2017, Richard Fairlie has kept to his roots but has bought new uniqueness as he continues to prove others, he is in the making to become a star.

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