Regressive Left – ‘Take the Hit’

London-born Regressive Left is taking the music world by storm with their infectious junk-punk single 'Take the Hit'.

With the pandemic creating a standstill for many across the music spectrum, three best friends took the opportunity to leave London and hone their craft within the countryside. Whilst their debut single caught the attention of critics, 'Take the Hit' is the perfect follow up as it delves into the problems our society faces.

Through the rich, punchy loops intertwined with the processed guitars, Regressive left alt-approach towards the Jazz scene and rhythms of EBM is a unique yet insight take that speaks their mind. Speaking about their latest release, the band said: "'Take the Hit' is about how neoliberalism acts as a shield for irresponsible politicians and greedy profiteers. As we try to disentangle the complex web of capitalism to find the spider at its heart, we end up instead blaming the countless flies that have been trapped along the way."

Whilst live music is still in question, Regressive Left can’t wait and have announced a headline show at The Windmill, Brixton, for October 1st (tickets available here).

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