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Rebecca McCartney - 'Remember Less'

Rebecca McCartney evokes the journey of moving on from love in her debut track, 'Remember Less'.

Hailing from New York City, McCartney's 'Remember Less' is only a taste of what she has to say as a solo artist. Ahead of her upcoming EP How You Feel, the debut single crafts an ethereal sound reminiscent of old-school R&B and indie-folk with a modern twist.

Speaking about the creative process, McCartney noted: "I wrote this song in my college house in Minnesota, thinking about the boy I had just left behind in New York, where I'm from. You can hear me working through the day-by-day loss of the tactile feeling of our time together as his memory got farther away, even as I was trying to convince myself I didn't care. It's a moody fusion of R&B, indie rock, and wondering whether someone's moving on faster than you. I worked with my close friend and collaborator, Jakob Leventhal, who produced the whole EP that Remember Less is on".

‘Remember Less’ is a stunning debut; a statement to what audiences can expect from McCartney, who will be quick to win over the hearts of NYC and listeners everywhere.