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Rachel Bochner - 'ghosted my therapist'

New York City latest newcomer, Rachel Bochner, shares the realistic feeling of handling our adolescent life through the bittersweet 'ghosted my therapist'.

Staying close to her musical influences of Maggie Rogers and Lana Del Rey, Bochner continues to route her own path into the music scene with the killer yet resonate lyrics alongside addictive productions.

Though sharing stories of the good and the bad, we find ourselves in a place of connection within 'ghosted my therapist' as Bochner shares the stories of one who's navigating life as a 20-year-old. Layered by electronic undertones flowing between the infectious harmonies through light, fun lyrics - Bochner works shares the talent of herself and the women around her, but the experiences that relate to New York City and beyond.

With her upcoming EP in the works, 'ghosted my therapist' is her most relatable song yet and proves Rachel Bochner to be a star in the making.