Premiere: Taylor Roche - 'All I Need'

New Zealand based Taylor Roche latest single, 'All I Need', is the hopeless romantic offering that we all need.

Depicted through the heavy nods' of 80s influences such as Prince and Tears for Fears, the rising singer-songwriter fuses his own love for modern-day pop and RnB to create an addictive but meaningful sonic throughout his work.

Through the dark tension of verses that reflect the self-doubts of love to the explosive choruses, swelled with glittering synths besides the flow of soaring vocal tones that empower the feeling of letting go - Taylor Roche explores the inner complexities we all face when falling in love. From one end of the stick to the other, the Auckland based artist finds the sweet spot between the contrasting emotions that run high within us.

Among the chaos of the world, Taylor Roche once again finds himself raising a few eyebrows across the world as he's on the cusp of something special.

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