Premiere: Mia Giovina - 'Time Machine'

Once again, New Jersey-based Mia Giovina fulfils us with the swelling emotions of our adolescent youth within her second single 'Time Machine'.

Following the highly acclaimed debut 'Sirens', the 20-year-old emerging artist had a hard job on her hand but comes out on the other end with a vulnerable yet beautifully crafted single that delves into the fear of our childhood fading away.

Sprinkled with the glittering undertones with the soaring vocal tones that weave between each beat, Mia finds the sweet spot in accepting that time moves on. Speaking further of the single, Mia added: "With my closest friends off in cities hours from me and adulthood knocking its fist on my door, this song felt like it wrote itself more than I wrote it. Whether you’re 17 or 70, I hope this song makes you feel something."

As she continues to wow the audiences of Americans, Mia is slowly finding herself across the North Atlantic Ocean and gracing listeners of the UK with sweet intricate yet gracious pop.

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