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Premiere: Katy for Kings - 'Middle Ground'

English based Katy for Kings continues to wow us away with her fast growth into the music scene and proves her long-stay with her latest release, 'Middle Ground'.

Swept within the soundscapes of rich pop that's intertwined with folk tendencies undertones, flowing between each jangly beat - Katy for Kings delves into the feelings of uncertainty and portrays the honest emotions we have all faced at some point in life.

Amongst the candid production that drives you away from your problems alongside the staple vocal tones that Katy possesses, the rising singer-songwriter explained: "For me ‘Middle Ground’ represents the feeling of uncertainty around what people’s intentions are with you. It’s about feeling lonely in a crowded room and the fear of being dropped, as soon as something better comes along. It’s not knowing your worth whilst not trusting that things in your life aren't just down to chance."

From the heartbeats of picking up the guitar six years ago to building a popular following on TikTok, the Chelmsford based might be just at the start of her career but already establishes herself in her own lane of music.

Check out her latest track, exclusively below: