Premiere: Jessica Ride - 'Snakes'

Melbourne riser, Jessica Ride, opens the door to 2021 with throbbing pop beats alongside radiate vocal tones throughout her latest release 'Snakes'.

Influenced by the likes of Ariana Grande and Madison Beer, the emerging singer-songwriter plays through electro, upbeat soundscapes with the contrasting lyricism of her personal school experiences that puts her at the forefront of her competitors.

As she explores fake friendships and unhealthy relationships within her sophomore single, she added: “For the people who identify with my experience, I hope they laugh about it, put it on at their parties, and feel the intense healing that came from writing such a playful track about such a degrading experience. Life is too short to be worried about not being good enough or about people who have their own internal conflicts and are taking it out on you.”

From one chapter to the next, Jessica Ride is preparing for her debut project, 'Dramatic', which will put her on the music map.

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