PG Ciarletta - 'Chancer'

After hitting the top 10 of the official Scottish single charts with his debut single, PG Ciarletta is back with his catchy upbeat single 'Chancer'.

As he continues to build on his high momentum, the Fifer from Kirkcaldy brings anthemic drumbeats alongside indie acoustic riffs that come together with his raucous vocals.

Speaking about the single and raising money for the #WeMakeEvents movement, he said: "'Chancer' is another relatable catchy tune and one we can all resonate with, like within our friends, families, and communities we all know a “chancer”. For me it’s all about continuing the buzz, building on the momentum and giving something positive back to everyone during these difficult times, especially the live music industry which has suffered this year. This is an industry that brings a lot of happiness to people’s lives, so I feel its right to contribute, so we have an industry to support our live events once normal times arrive."

With tongue in cheek lyrics and fetching melodies, fans of Gerry Cinnamon, Jake Bugg and Jamie Webster will sure be listening to PG Ciarletta on repeat.

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