Pandas - 'Debbie'

Glasgow based Pandas spray us with the sprinkled tendencies of old-school rock alongside the twist of modern indie within their leading single 'Debbie'.

Set in the heart of the Scottish music scene as they record the track at Eggman Studios in Glasgow (home to Scottish lovers Shamoblics), the rising quartet finds themselves swimming deep within the addictive soundscapes of roaring drums and gritty guitars that flow between the distinctive vocals; emphasizing the raw emotions they have experienced.

Through the connection of intimate lyricism with detailed soundscapes, fans can enjoy a warm indie anthem right at their doorstep. Speaking of the track, lead singer Ellis Hurley described: “a love story between a man and his moped, a tune ready for the open road with the windows down and the volume right up!"

With new music on the horizon, infectious sounds to offer and raring to go on tour, Pandas are going from the oaths of Scotland to the rest of the world.

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