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OXYGYN - 'Mercy'

Maltese outfit OXYGYN step in between the lines of the paradigms of humanity through alluring soundscapes within their latest offering, 'Mercy'.

Establishing themselves on the scene in 2015 for their punchy approach to indie-pop, OXYGYN have gone on to make a mark on the pop music scene within Malta.

Whilst they look beyond the oaths of their hometown, the quartet propels through electronic beats alongside Kaita and Kurt's swelling vocals, keeping listeners in a stance as we understand the themes of anger and vulnerability. Speaking about their latest single, Kurt Abela said: "‘Mercy’ abstractly focuses on the narrative of an individual who trusts another enough to be vulnerable, and then has this same vulnerability used against them."

Alongside the attachment of slick instrumentals with the intricate lyricism the song carries, OXYGYN finally land within the UK and hope to stay for the foreseeable future.