Only Sun - 'Weird Wins'

The only indie-band you should have your eyes on this year as Only Sun prepare for their debut album Tangled Mind within their latest rhapsodic single 'Weird Wins'.

Drawing, on the foundations of traditional indie, High Wycombe quartet put their own twists and turns within the classic soundscapes that scream throughout 'Weird Wins'. As they show-off their most integrated work so far, listeners are thrown into a world of indie-disco through emphatic instrumentals that are sewn together by the catchy vocalism throughout.

Whilst we are reminded by the chaotic of live music, 'Weird Wins' delves further into the importance of mental well-being from a year no one expected. Speaking about their latest single, Only Sun said: "I wrote the words to this song last winter when it felt my mind was pulling me in so many directions. I was trying to focus on doing some good, but it was noisy up there. My head was being yanked into different realities and at the mercy of any thought that snuck its way in. Thoughts became personalities, and the personalities became puppeteers who controlled my everyday actions and relationships."

As 'Weird Wins' give glimpses of what to come, Only Sun continue to rise through the mad world of the music industry and sooner than later will be watched over by critics as they rock the stages of Earth.

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