Olive Amun - 'Bad Dreams'

22-year-old Melbourne talent Olive Amun hits the sweet spot within his latest single 'Bad Dreams'.

Primed by the influence of RnB with the blend tendencies of bedroom pop, the Australian newbie explores the chaos of a toxic relationship that's told through a juxtaposed positive outset of upbeat productions.

As he delves into the dynamics of 808 heavy trap alongside soaked up modern soundscapes, Amun stated: "'Bad Dreams' is a song about not being able to say goodbye to that someone or something that isn’t good for you. I made the demo the first night of lockdown alone in my studio, and it was one of the first times where I felt comfortable with my guitar playing, producing and vocal mixing, so the record is a special one for me."

With his debut project Don't Leave Yet just around the corner, Olive Amun continues to create an exhilarating buzz around his rise into the music scene.

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