Off the Bat with Eden Hunter

Following on from her hit debut single 'Weightless' and now enjoying the successes of her latest single 'Chance My Heart', on the rise, Eden Hunter goes full-blown independent as she continues to blossom into the world of music.

With only two singles to her name and already worldwide attention, we caught up with singer-songwriter Eden Hunter about her work, the things we should know about all artists and what the future holds.

Hey, hey, congratulations on your second single, 'Chance My Heart'. How would you describe the past months since your debut to now, and what does this single mean to you?

The past couple of months have been an absolute whirlwind, to be honest. I have been putting these singles together for literally over a year (along with some other exciting stuff too), but it has just been such a long time coming! I feel a huge relief that they are finally mine to share now rather than to keep to myself, but I also feel incredibly lucky. They have both been received so well to an extent that has literally blown my mind, so I feel insanely grateful.

To those who don’t know you, how did Eden Hunter start, and what has it been like being an independent artist in the midst of chaos?

I feel as though my whole life so far has amounted to me becoming ‘Eden Hunter’. I didn’t know it until quite late on. I was always into performing, but particularly within musical theatre, I loved becoming a character and performing a story that wasn’t my own. I studied at The BRIT School doing MT (musical theatre) for four years, and when I was about 16, I discovered my love for songwriting and creating my own music, and that is how I began creating my onstage persona/artist 'Eden Hunter’. It has been quite the journey of being an indie artist in all this chaos. I admit I never wanted to release myself independently. I didn’t feel as though I was good enough to do it on my own, but sometimes you have no other choice than to problem solve and make things work, and that is exactly what the pandemic did to me. It allowed me to get to understand myself as ‘Eden Hunter’ and bring my music to the public!

Now how would you describe yourself in three words, and how would your friends describe you?

I would describe myself as authentic, sensitive, infectious. Most of my friends would 100% give you a shady answer to wind me up if you asked them, but I hope they would say ‘caring, true and vibrant’.

On the other hand, if you could bring three music icons to a dinner party, dead or alive, who would you bring?

My god, this is hard! Okay, so I would definitely bring Freddie Mercury, a musical genius, and I feel like he would have so much knowledge to contribute. I would have to invite Lee Alexander McQueen - I am so intrigued by how he created his work. He was obviously a very visual lead, and so I think I could learn a lot from someone like him. And lastly, I would probably have to bring Alanis Morissette- she has such an edge and grit to her music. I love artists that are musicians first.

What advice would you share for someone who wants to pursue music?

I would say firstly, don’t rush. You will always feel at your peak, but you will identify when the time is right for you to start sharing who you are. It takes time and experience to develop, and that will continue evolving. Put yourself in any situation where you can learn, good or bad. And listen, but stay true, authenticity is what people latch onto, and authenticity is maintainable.

Do you have any hidden talents/party tricks?

I can touch my nose with my tongue, and I can do the worm, that is about all there is to me other than music.

What’s your biggest pet peeve in life?

My biggest pet peeve, well, I have a few actually haha. I can’t stand the sound of someone chewing that really sends me. The other one is when people cannot bring themselves to support their peers, your peers are your most important audience to get on board with what you do!!

One thing you want to change about the music industry.

I wish the industry would come and actively watch shows more and wouldn’t base their whole opinion on Spotify streams. I personally love an artist that is also an entertainer. I think it is important for an artist to have liveability, and I think that is quite often missed in the industry at the moment.

What is your biggest pinch-me moment so far?

I have had two that I cannot choose between. Firstly, was when I filled Bush Hall for my debut single launch; that was insane. Secondly was my music video for 'Chance My Heart' premiering in Wonderland Magazine. I have always followed Wonderland and to see my work in there was surreal.

Finally, continue to follow through your trilogy of singles, from 'Weightless' to 'Chance My Heart'. What is next for Eden Hunter? Any secrets you could spill?

Well, we do have some more new music coming for you in the new year which I am SO excited for. I also have another big show coming up around May time so stay up to date with my socials, so you don’t miss out!! Just be ready for lots more pop and lots more shows!

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