Nora Lei - 'Together'

New York-based Nora Lei is giving listeners the world of noir-pop with her latest dreamy single 'Together'.

Keeping to her unique sound of dark-pop undergrowths, Lei narrows down a new pathway of electro-inspired production that delve listeners into the ups and downs of a relationship.

Alongside her smooth vocals, with the delicate piano chords, Nora Lei gives listeners and herself the closure of experiencing a turbulence relationship. Speaking about the single, she said: "The song is all about fighting for your relationship." She added: "You remember the good times, hard times, and the times you start to feel crazy…but really you’re just scared. You both know you’re supposed to be together so, you keep trying and, in the end, you’re glad you did.”

Through the world, she has experienced from the gracious English countryside to the hindsight of Los Angeles the 28-year-old is living her own adventure of pop magic.

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