Nolie - 'Think Back'

Los Angeles based Nolie returns in time for the summer with the addictive breeze of 'Think Back'.

Taking the American music world by storm back in 2019, Nolie first offering of 2021 teams up with the talented writer and producer Christofi for a wonder of bright colours within the upbeat soundscapes of laidback pop.

Deep within dreamy melodies intertwined with indie-electronic tendencies, Nolie delves into the adolescent childhood and elaborates: “This song was dealing with some classic all-consuming existential dread and looking a lot towards my childhood and teen years all wrapped up in a very bright and ethereal world. It’s very much a release and conversation to a younger me, very bright and happy at first glance, but melancholy at its core.”

With a series of attentive singles that are too hard to ignore, Nolie slowly makes way as one to watch further than the oaths of the North Atlantic Ocean.

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