Nikkita - 'Postcard Lover'

West-London based artist Nikkita has kept me standstill on my feelings with her beautiful pensive debut single 'Postcard Lover'.

As she captures the honest nostalgia that comes with a heartache through gentle production of Lana Del Rey string arrangement and, simple Billie Eilish bass; Nikkita delves in rich melancholy that plays on an ode of an old lover. With raw yet captivating vocals that kept me thinking about my own feelings of past love, Nikkita allows listeners to delve into her own experiences of heartbreak which brings closure for herself but, also for the listeners.

Steering away from pop convention, Nikkita prides herself in versatility as her music process acts like a capsule of her life. Speaking about 'Postcard Lover' Nikkita said: "I’ve always admired artists that don’t fit in a box. The sound of Postcard Lover is not my sound forever. It is the first instalment of a story I’d like to tell, memorabilia of significant moments in my life. I want my music to represent our growth as humans, so to expect anyone to fit in one box doesn’t sit right with me." With minimalistic production, Nikkita uses her powerful vocals and detailed lyricisms to take the listeners on a journey that can resonate with even the cold-hearted.

Upon 2020 coming to a close, Nikkita plan to share new music in the coming year that not only gives a sense of vulnerability that we all can show as a human being but also provide comfort for others.

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