NIKKITA - 'Heaven in Hell'

It's another cold afternoon and, Nikkita once again catches my feelings with her latest haunting offering 'Heaven in Hell' - a transcript of confessions within us.

Following on from her debut single 'Postcard Lover', the London based singer-songwriter continues to wrench our hearts with the unceasing share of vulnerability that creates an atmospheric bond of intimacy between the artist and listener.

As we lose ourselves between the traces of layered, intricate strings with driving basses, Nikkita truly captures us with her vocal range that emphasises the cathartic emotional release of true pain that's deep within 'Heaven in Hell'. Speaking about her latest release, she said: "'Heaven in Hell' is extremely personal - it’s like sharing my deepest darkest thoughts from a journal. If the words were written down, and someone was to read them, I would feel exposed. Music is the only place where I feel safe to share that.”

Whilst Nikkita uses the power she possesses across the poetic lyricism 'Heaven in Hell' holds - the rising artist is finally in her element that's leading her name within the stars.

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