Night Bus Revival EP - Tragic Magic

Hailing through the tracks of the Midlands, Night Bus Revival debut EP is a slow burner for the long nights as you question the feelings of love, bitterness and escape.

Delving into the interior of indie-folk that resonate sounds of Phoebe Bridgers and Bon Iver, Night Bus Revival brings a unique twist to the traditional sounds. As he embraces the human flaws and imperfections inner the raw, lo-fi recordings; he gathers the overall feeling of the truth within an intimate five-track EP.

Whilst he runs away from the city, Night Bus Revival catches us with the opener of 'Nowhere' as he emphasises the honest feeling that we all feel of isolation – all whilst the world falls apart. Through the sweeping project, the artist follows through with rich melodies that enrich of not feeling at home inside 'Brand New Estate'. Through the bittersweet arrangement and detailed lyricism, Night Bus Revival captures the feeling everyone has felt throughout this year.

As we hit the middle of the project, Night Bus Revival delves further into fear through dark synths and rhythmic drums within 'Untitled Christmas Song'. Keeping to the themes, he portrays he weaves into 'Socks (one-way ticket to glorious space death)' through an enchanting narrative as he realises the true feelings he has experienced and brings closure to himself and to the listeners. With dusty mellow alongside dark soundscapes, the track mirrors the disjointed emotions of a relationship.

Speaking about his debut work, Night Bus Revival revealed: "These songs are like time capsules... I've come to recognise that every creak, every background noise or off-tempos strike of a string is as important as each lyric."

Launching through a pure yet dark burner; Night Bus Revival brings Tragic Magic to a close with '2:47am on the hotel bathroom floor'. Unlike the rest of the project portraying the pain the world has caused, Night Bus Revival finally delves into the vulnerability he has shown glimpses in the past and comes to the realisation within a sweet track layered alongside the patchwork harmonies and the reverb of the shower cubicle.

Just like that, Night Bus Revival jumps into a whirlwind of feelings we have all experienced within a distinctive yet growing EP. With a DIY approach on sad alternative folk, Night Bus Revival is looking into 2021 for his next release.

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