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New Kids on the Block: Marthagunn - The Anvil Bournemouth

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

Marthagunn, photo taken by Ross Mondon

The five-piece band who has recently signed for Communion Records, from Brighton are enduring their biggest tour to date across the UK, which saw them play at The Anvil in Bournemouth last night.

The concert started with three support acts consisting of ‘Sun Spots’, ‘Five Kites’ and ‘Johnny Phillips trio’ which all set the mood within the small and personal venue of The Anvil. All three showed of all types of music and allowed the audience to be prepared for Marthagunn.

Marthagunn, performing at The Anvil, Bournemouth

The band started with their latest song ‘Love and Emotion’ which was part of their exciting EP, were straight away the lead singer Abi Woodman showed off her beautiful vocals. This was followed by songs we have never heard before ‘Undone’ and ‘It’s Over’; which showed the chemistry of the band and gave fans a treat on what they can expect in the immediate future.

As the night got into full swing, we witnessed their first single ‘Saint Cecilia’ which reminded us of their inspirations of Fleetwood Mac and I can’t lie it took us back to the 70s with a contemporary angle to it. This was precisely done through the vocals of the lead singer Abi who isn’t scared to show off what she is capable of doing. We then saw a completely different side to the band through one of my favourite’s song of the night ‘Ohio’; which was sang acoustic and allowing each band member to take in the personal atmosphere of the venue.

Finally, the night ended with songs from ‘Honest’ and ‘Heaven’ which showed two sides of what their journey has been about and allowed the audience to enjoy the last minutes of the intimate concert. After witnessing the band live, there’s no reason for them to breakthrough into the music scene and become an future band to rock UK tours, feature at world festivals and make hit singles.

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