Neon Tapehead - 'Know What I Want'

A dazzling, groovy offering from Russian funk band Neon Tapehead with their latest single 'Know What I Want'.

Taking an array of influences from 80s electronic funk to early house and nu-disco, 'Know What I Want' is filled with retro synths and modern sound production that's entwined with punchy vocals from lead singer Maya Shonia. Delving into the strength and courage, we all hold, the quartet provides a slick and nostalgic sound that is fitting to the lives we are living in.

Speaking about the single, the band said: "This song was written and produced with the influence of 80’s Electro Funk and Early 90’s house with a slower tempo. We tried to mix different elements of these styles into the one song. The main meaning behind this song is that you shouldn’t be shy with your wishes or goals. Just ask yourself about what you want right now and then go and get it! Brrr POW!"

As they bring a new perspective to music through combined old school synthesizer with modern production techniques, Neon Tapehead are now looking forward to their debut EP, due to be released this December.

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