Myriad - '3am'

Southampton worthy quartet Myriad continue to wave across the South coast with their latest offering, '3am'.

Continued to be inspired by the heavyweights of indie-rock, rising outfit Myriad depict ambient soundscapes that offer dark beats with popsicle charm and slowly transition into heavy-guitar driven lead; worthy of the wait.

Delved into the thoughts we explore within the night, lead singer David added: “the narrative of ‘3am’ is centred on a young person reasoning with their night-time thoughts and feelings. Processing their thoughts about life, family expectations, their own plans, dreams, and relationships. It’s also about balancing the ever-changing responsibilities of adulthood in 2021. The music is for anyone going through a tough time, especially now in the pandemic. It’s for gen-Z and anyone else feeling like they need something to express the complex spectrum of their everyday thoughts.”

With already making their mark down here, Myriad are ready to turn it up a notch and expand their horizon across the UK music scene.

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