My Octopus Mind - Faulty At Source

After a turbulent 2019, My Octopus Mind are back with their weird and wonderful studio album 'Faulty At Source'.

Photo Credit: Simon Holliday

From their debut album 'Maladyne Cave' to two DIY European tours, Bristol-based experimental rockers delve full throttle into the current political and social climate we live in. Through detailed songwriting and the emphasised soundscape, the three-piece capture the lives of capitalism, climate denial and the inability to take responsibility; in a psychedelic-rock nine-track album.

Opening track 'Rusty Spoons' is a short peep into what we should expect from the project as it roars into raw heavy beats which then jumps into 'Buy My Book'. A follow up of the experimental rock alongside heavy riffs and haunting vocals. Whilst the listeners dig into the surrounding world the band experience, My Octopus Minds sway towards a thoughtful, textured indie track within 'Insanity' that is fulfilled, with detailed lyricism.

Following on from the opening tracks, the three-piece band infused electric hooks with haunting beats that lead to a rapturous punk rock production within 'The Greatest Escape'. Speaking about the track, lyricist Liam O'Connell said: "We found ourselves playing with minimalist textures in what feels like a new musical direction for us. Lyrically it takes a look at the patriarchy, where “strong men don’t cry”, instead we suppress emotions and vulnerability. I find myself yearning to step out of this paradigm, to become free to express the softness and vulnerabilities, that could be “the greatest escape on Earth”.

Closing off the album with the fact-paced 'Wandering Eye' to the heavy climax 'Hindenburg'; My Octopus Mind subversive approach to music is at the heart of the album. From the wild rhythms to wonky riffs, the band take on music is eccentric yet intriguing at its best.

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