Murmur 'Shame'

One of Brighton's most promising band, Murmur have returned to 2020 with their dark anthemic single 'Shame'.

Through punching drums and bewailing guitar lines, Murmur dive deep into an exhilarating production of grungy indie-rock that gives listeners socially strained lyricisms.

Following on from their infectious, gruddy 'Cradle' the three-piece hold a compelling power to create dark soundscapes that emphasise the detailed storytelling. Within 'Shame' the band delve into the confrontation on how vulnerability is a resource into one’s progress. With echoing beats, infused by the commanding melody, lead vocalist, George Mills takes charge with bitter-sweet vocals as they open to the power of susceptibility.

As they hone their continuous sound of dark yet relatable indie-rock, Murmur are becoming a force to be reckoned with in the underground scene.

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