Moontower: What Day is It?

Indie-electronic trio are back with their four-track EP 'What Days is It?' A highlight of infectious melodies over experimental synths and driving basslines.

Photo by Carina Glastris

The Los Angeles band who have gained attention through selling out venues to supporting the likes of YUNGBLUD and Social House; are now embarking on their own journey.

Fresh of the heels of a successful collaboration single 'Guess I'm Jaded' with Goldroom and RAC fronted remix package, Moontower hasn't let quarantine stop them with their latest project that asks the question we're all thinking.

Standout track 'Hit The Lights', takes listeners on a detailing journey on how letting your guard down can have good effects on a relationship. With resounding guitars and fast-paced melodies, it provides a perfect backdrop of what is bad and good. A fan favourite 'Got my Way', a track written about how pressing it is to be grateful for family and friends; which is emphasised by heartfelt lyrics alongside glimmering synths.

Known for their left-centre pop with a French House inspired production, the trio are now excited to commence the recording of their first album in the fall of this year.

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