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Moa Moa - 'Spinning'

Alt-pop transcendence from moa moa as they return with their eccentric yet familiar sound through 'Spinning'.

As they take on self-acceptance and self-love, the band hybrid together complex textures with hidden hooks that become a joy for repetitive listeners. With a modern introspective take on society's music, 'Spinning' is bursting with life; completed with sinuous guitar strings and heartfelt vocals.

Speaking on the track, singer James Ratcliffe said: "Lyrically, I was trying to be playfully candid about self-love and self-acceptance. The subject matter definitely slipped into the writing, which is where the colourful backdrop to 'Spinning' comes from." With a refreshing look to their soundscape, moa moa are displaying potential. "'Spinning' is a bit of a shift from where we left off last, but we're really happy to have something so vibrant to accompany Yellow Jacket." added keyboardist Connor Foweraker.

With their second single to their name and their first release under producer Charlie Andrew's label Square Leg Records, moa moa are destined to have an exciting year ahead.