Mina Okabe - 'Walk Away'

Danish-Japenese Mina Okabe trace between the bittersweetness of love within her latest offering 'Walk Away'.

From her shimmery pop debut 'I'm Done', the 20-year-old singer-songwriter latest offering is the reminder that summer is just around the corner. Through the simple yet refreshing strumming of acoustic soundscapes alongside the gleaming flow of her gentle vocal tones, Mina Okabe 'Walk Away' is a mature offering of summer love.

Speaking about her latest release, Mina added: "I wrote ‘Walk Away ’about the feeling of not knowing if the guy that I was seeing was as interested in me as I was in him. I was asking myself if I should walk away from what we had or keep giving him chances to prove me wrong."

With the heartfelt warmth throughout, Mina Okabe recent offering continues to aid her name within 2021 one to watch, and expands her ventures across the borders of Denmark.

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