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Millie Turner - 'Eye of The Storm'

East-London singer-songwriter, Millie Turner has returned with her euphoric new single 'Eye of the Storm'.

Following her thrilling inspired dance-pop track 'Jungle' in Spring, the 19-year-old is back with a triumphant return as listeners delve into the loneliness and restlessness she explores through her detailed lyrics and soaring drum beats.

Written after a 24-hour plane ride, Millie states: "The entire process of writing it was a blur amongst illness, homesickness, heartache and jet lag, but for me, that’s the beauty of the song. The eye of the storm is a focus point amidst the storm where everything around you feels out of control and chaotic, which is what I wanted to capture in the urgency of the drums and the chorus. There’s something beautiful about chaos when you have that focal point of calm that you can grow from.”

With continuous changes in life, Millie has explored the ongoing chaos that we see in 'Eye in the Storm' through unique electro melodies and detailed pop choruses. As she finds a different point to focus, Millie sparkles joy of Sigrid and shows cathartic emotions of Lorde - that creates a new soundscape from Millie Turner.

As she sets out her forthcoming mixtape due for 2021, Millie's title track 'Eye of the Storm' is once again catching a whole host of eyes.