Miesa - 'Worried'

A month later and we still have 'Worried' by Miesa on repeat.

Breakthrough RnB and pop-orientated American singer-songwriter is back with her latest track 'Worried' a slow rendition of contemporary RnB that's filled with popsicles beats and soulful vocals.

Following her current EP 'Stripped'; a collection of newly released acoustic versions of some of the artists leading recordings including the likes of 'Overdrive' and 'Too Bad For You'. Miesa latest track 'Worried' is the first of multiple singles leading to her upcoming project.

Since emerging through the influence of her father, Miesa has swayed towards heartfelt RnB crafted alongside soulful pop; that has led to worldwide attention. From small talent shows to now working with heavyweight producers; Miesa is at the heart of a new era.

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