Methyl Ethel - 'Neon Cheap'

Following their signing with Future Classics (SOPHIE & Flume), Australian standout Methyl Ethel gives us a glimpse into a new era of golden hooks with the infuse genres of pop with the gazing soul throughout 'Neon Cheap'; setting out new heights for the rest of the year.

Lead by frontman Jake Webb, Methyl Ethel have risen from the solo bedroom project to instantly immerse listeners into a world of weird and wonderful soundscapes that are just too hard to ignore. Whilst 'Neon Cheap' is their first work of 2021, it's clear that the Australian singer-songwriter and producer has already understood his abilities to craft tracks that get better every time.

Talking about the inspiration of the track, Jake added: "Picture yourself scrolling, mind-numbingly at 3am. Now, instead of scrolling, you’re traipsing some Vegas-like strip. All the events and people you’d normally read about are there as you walk around, inoculated, casually observing. For me, this is ‘Neon Cheap'."

Through the dashing choruses and echoed burst undertones, Methyl Ethel addictive 'Neon Cheap' is one to keep your eyes out at a field of summer bliss.

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