Meet… Witch Fever

Since their emergence four years ago, Witch Fever have been slowly causing a wild yet stunning stir within the world of music.

Photographer Credit: Debbie Ellis

Known for their addictive, modern take on the genre of punk, Witch Fever have gone from the four walls of Manchester to being enlisted as NME 100: Essential emerging artists for 2021 and recently signing to heavyweights Sony Music/Music for Nations.

With a quiet but impactful year, Witch Fever first offering of 2021 once again proves their worth as true opponents to take on the UK music scene and change it for good.

As they prepare for a fulfilled summer, we caught up with the rising band to talk about their latest single, 'Reincarnate', what it's been like being in the same room after so long, and the hope for one or two albums in years to come.

Firstly, congratulations on your latest single, 'Reincarnate' - how would you describe the past few weeks in one sentence?

Thank you!! We’ve been sitting on this release for a long time, so it’s been very cathartic to finally get it out!

Being your first release in two years, what have Witch Fever being doing behind doors, and what can we expect for the rest of the year?

We’ve really used this time to develop our sound and write a whole new catalogue of music. We’ve tried to branch out and push what makes a ‘witch fever’ song. So expect a lot of new music and hopefully a lot of gigs for next year!

Alongside the single, you've also released a roaring music video that has blown up the past week. What was it like to finally record a video in a time of chaos, and what do you hope your fans gain from it?

It was honestly one of the most fun days of the year! It was so good to spend the day together doing what we love - especially knowing it would count towards something. We wanted to make something gritty, but hopefully, the fans can see our playfulness and the bond that we have with each other.

As you delve into the post-breakup independence and explore woman's desires and fetishes - how did this theme come alive, and what was the overall process of 'Reincarnate'?

This song began with Alisha, our guitarist, writing the verse riff, and we pieced it together from there. We wrote the end of the song several months after we had been gigging with its original form because we wanted to freshen up the order of the set and end on a huge breakdown.

In other news, following the inclusion of NME 100 and continuously growing into stars, you've recently signed to Sony Music/Music for Nations - how did that happen, and how excited are you to work with them?

The head of the label Julie Weir came to one of our shows pre-covid, and we began talks immediately after that. We feel so lucky to be working with such a powerhouse and are beyond excited to see what the future holds!

Further, as we slowly reach normality, you've announced a plethora of festivals and planning to support Idles - what can fans expect from your live shows and what's the one thing you've missed about tours?

You can expect a lot of new music and a heavier sound! More variety in the set - but always, high energy, high engagement and fierce performances. The main thing we’ve missed not being able to tour is spending time with each other and showcase what we want to do with our lives!

Now as you continue to break the boundaries, what has been your highest point and what has been the most challenging?

We’re all in agreement that playing House of Vans was a definite highlight - also, recording 'Reincarnate' gave us a massive buzz to see it coming together! The biggest challenge we’ve faced is throughout the first lockdown. Not being able to play together for such a long time really made accomplishing anything impossible.

Finally, what is the next step for Witch Fever, and where do you see yourself in five years?

Hopefully, we can get on the road soon and catch up on some of the many gigs we’ve missed! There also might be some more music coming out soon. In five years, we would love to be doing this full time, hopefully with an album, or two under our belt!

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