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Meet... Wings of Desire

Born from the need of understanding the world around us, James and Chloe are free, within the space of Wings of Desire.

Following their stint of INHEAVEN and finding their meaning within life, the couple now routes down the complexities of society. And offer the music sphere a taste of what's described as 'American indie sound'.

With the release of a series of singles throughout the chaos of the past year, Wings of Desire latest EP Amun-Ra gives us a sense of direction the duo is heading. From 'Better Late Than Never' to 'Choose A Life', the self-realisation project intricately explores the freedom of one. Though they remove themselves from the past, sonically, the EP continues to deliver the sensual sounds of 60s pop alongside the atmospheric undertones of old-school rock that are specially known to them.

In the process of them relishing the release of the EP, we caught up with Wings of Desire to spill more on the creative process, avoiding pressure and being themselves and what the future holds.

Let's get straight into it! Your latest EP, Amun-Ra, is now out - how excited are you for this release, and what can fans expect?

This one feels like a big step for us. It’s our second release on our label, WMD Recordings, and hopefully, it shows more of what we are about and that we are here to stay. You can expect big questions and self-realisations.

Moving away from the observant nature of your debut EP, End Of An Age and delving into the journey of self-discovery, does your latest work achieve what you hope it has?

Music is such a sacred thing. It can be fun, it can make you cry, and it can be something in between. For us, we wanted to make sure with every song we put out into the world we are saying something original. Whether that is questioning the way we live or something more personal, we hope the people listening to the EP can take something from it that makes them feel.

From fans favourite 'Better Late Than Never' to your most recent 'Choose A Life’, and now ‘OUTTAMAMIND’ - how would you describe the creative process of your latest work?

The songs for this EP all came about very naturally. We figured that when we try and force something it doesn’t work, so we just wait for them to be planted in our brain and transcribe them as quickly as possible.

Out of the four tracks, what is your favourite and why?

'Choose A Life' is a special one to us. Feels like an evolution of emotions.

Moreover, being your sophomore EP as a duo and following your high-acclaimed debut, do you feel there is pressure looming over you, and how have you overcome specific challenges over the past years?

Pressure is something we try and avoid; it doesn’t work well for us. Our mantra is really to enjoy everything, put out music that you are proud of, and don’t get caught up in the bits you can’t control.

Now looking at your past within the music scene, you were both part of INHEAVEN. How does Wings of Desire compare to being in a group, and what are the differences and similarities?

It feels like we have evolved as people, when we were in INHEAVEN, we were nervous and more susceptible to letting opinions bother us. Since the end of that story, we have spent a couple of years meditating and finding safety within ourselves. That is probably the main difference, we know ourselves far better now, which allows us to make fearless decisions. A few years ago, we wouldn’t have had the confidence to start a label and put out music as freely as we are now.

Swaying more to an American indie sound within your recent work, what has influenced you to pursue Wings Of Desire, and where do you hope to see it going?

It started after our last INHEAVEN tour when the two of us decided to rent an apartment in Brooklyn and stay there for a few months. Naturally, we were influenced by what was going on around us, and it seeped into our writing.

Finally, do you have any secrets up your sleeve before 2021 ends, and where do you see yourself in five years?

By the end of 2021, we will have played some live shows and maybe released some more music. In 5 years, we hope the world will be in a more loving state, and we can do what we are doing now but on a global scale.