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Meet... Welshy

Ireland based DJ, Welshy has emerged as one of the hottest young producers out there from achieving over 41 million streams to gaining recognition from the likes of The Chainsmokers.

Having shown a fondness for music from a young age, Welshy's career took off in his teens with originals, remixes and bootlegs that hit the roof and gained a loyal and growing following.

With already making a statement within Ireland, England and Spain, Welshy is now looking across the horizon. We spoke to the producer about his latest track 'Haiti', his influences whilst growing up and how excited he is to perform live again.

Firstly, how have you been in the midst of the pandemic and what one thing have you learnt that you wish you knew before the life of COVID?

I’ve been good thanks, it’s been tough for everybody, but I think it’s best to keep busy and try and keep your mind occupied. The biggest thing I’ve learnt as a result of COVID is not to take anything for granted, prior to COVID I think I took a lot of simple things in life for granted which I will never do again after what’s going on.

You had quite the journey with your latest track 'Haiti' - could you tell us a little bit more about the background of the track and, what the reaction has been like?

The journey Haiti has taken me on has been crazy. The track started life as a bootleg/demo track which sampled Michael Brun and Gardy Girault - Peze Kafe ft Coralie Hérard. The original bootleg version I created went viral and gained over a million streams which led to me signing a record deal with Insanity Records. Peze Kafe the original sample, I found out was actually a traditional Haitian folk song. After finding out the beautiful story of Peze Kafe and rich Haitian culture that came with it, that’s when I decided to call the project Haiti. When it came to doing the official version we all agreed that there was only one person who could deliver these vocals so, we chased Coralie Hérard who’s vocals featured on the bootleg version of Haiti. We eventually found Coralie who was in Montreal at the time, my team and her team went back and forward and, we eventually got a studio session for her to record in Montreal and the rest is history.

The reaction to Haiti has been mental, It’s crazy to think that a song in Haitian is doing so well in the UK and Ireland it’s completely blown my mind.

Raising through the ranks of Irish music, what influenced you to become a producer?

Ever since I was a youngster, I always wanted to be a DJ. Like every person starting off Djing, I got all the gear - speakers, decks lights you name it. The problem was I wasn’t getting any gigs. I noticed that all the big world-class DJ’s at the time were all music producers the likes of Tiesto, Avicii Calvin Harris etc. I decided that in order to get gigs, I needed to produce music so, I downloaded a program called FL studio and fell in love with music production.

Formerly known as Ross Walsh, what inspired you to create the name Welshy?

Where I come from in Ireland, some people pronounce Walsh my last name as Welsh. I wish there was a really cool story behind the name why I picked the name WELSHY, but all I did was add the letter “y” to Welsh. Welshy sounds a lot better than Walshy. That was the thought process behind WELSHY I wish it was more glamorous lol.

After gaining recognition with the likes of KYGO and Chainsmokers - who is your dream collaboration?

That’s a very tough one. But if I could collaborate with anybody in music right now, it would be Calvin Harris. Calvin Harris can produce any genre and still make it to number 1. I am always in awe with what that man creates a true inspiration.

You've recently signed to Insanity Records and recently earned the fourth spot on Irish Homegrown Top 20, what were those overall experiences for you as a rising artist?

2 very proud moments for me and, my family. It is moments like these that are the driving factor that wants me to progress and be the best artist I can be. These two moments are moments I still have to pinch myself to.

After making an impact in Ireland and the UK - are you now looking at your sights at the likes of America and the rest of Europe?

That is the dream. Fingers crossed my music will take me there one day.

Your hit track 'Dancing in the Moonlight' gain over one million streams on Spotify and is probably your biggest track to date but, is it your favourite?

That's a tough question I love my version of Dancing in the Moonlight but, my favourite track to date would have to be Haiti, I, just love how unique and different Haiti is.

Being a DJ, presumably live events are very important to you - how excited are you to get back out on those stages?

I cannot wait to re-connect with people through live music again, my last gig I think was sometime in February/March. This has been the longest I have ever gone without DJing since I started many many years ago. To say I’m excited is an understatement.

Finally, can we expect any new music before the end of 2020 and what is the plan for next year?

100% there will be some more music from me before the years out which I can’t wait to share. My plan for next year is I hope to bring out a lot of new music and fingers crossed we’ll be back touring again.