On the rise, Vyolet is taking New York by storm with the popsicle infusion of dark pop with the hints of RnB and is preparing a stir with her debut EP Hue.

Photo Credit: Mekael Dawson

As she takes on subtle hints of Marina with Lana Del Rey, the emerging singer-songwriter creates a modern take on the world of music and hints it throughout her latest single, 'Honey'.

With her next adventure around the corner, we caught with Vyolet to talk about all things Hue, New York music scene and what is next.

Firstly, nice to e-meet you, hope you are well and congratulations on 'Honey'. What have the past months been like for you as an artist, and what's next?

Hi! Thank you so much. It’s been wild honestly. A lot of hard work and moving pieces. It’s been interesting being a new artist. It’s exciting because I’m not expecting anything, so everything is new, and it feels incredible that this music is getting a life outside of just my little circle (who have been so supportive). As for what’s next, my EP Hue is coming out late spring. I cannot wait to share it with the world.

Formerly from New York and emerged through the ranks only back last year - how have you overcome the challenges of 2020 as a new artist?

Well, I did a pre-college program last summer where I did everything remotely for one of my songs, so I had a chance to get some experience producing before the pandemic hit. For 'Honey, everything but vocals were remote. Everything takes twice as long when you’re working like that, but I’ve had an incredible team that’s made some magic happen.

Inspired by the likes of MARINA and Lana Del Rey, how have you infused those soundscapes to create your own unique sounds within your music, and how would you describe your overall theme?

For me, it’s a vibe. I’ve had the chance to grow up in a landscape of some powerful and unique female artists, and they’ve inspired me to find myself and my style and see how that translates into my music and lyrics. All my songs have a different vibe, and I love that. It’s a chance to discover new facets of myself over and over again.

As we talk about your music and 'Honey'. What is the story behind the track, and what do you hope to achieve from this release?

I want my music to reach more people. It’s an honour to see it take off how it has already. ‘Honey’, for me, is a snapshot of how that colour makes me feel. Sweet, sultry, luxurious. I hope it makes other people embrace that part of themselves, too.

Taken from your debut EP 'Hue', what can we expect from this upcoming project in terms of the overall story, and what secrets can you spill to us?

Can’t spill any secrets because I don’t have any! Hue is extremely personal for me. Every song is a different colour and a different story. Like how some make me feel powerful, some make me flirty, others keep me warm. I know I’m biased, but it’s going to be a lot of fun, honestly.

In other news, what has it been like being part of the New York music scene, and who are your favourite top three artists that you think we should listen to?

New York is amazing. I’m new to the music scene here, but post-covid I’m looking forward to the chance to explore it. I got to say, though, I’m always listening to The Weeknd, Lana, and Doja Cat.

Whilst you have slowly gained attention across the borders, what have you learnt from your experiences, and what advice would you share with someone who's only just starting?

Keep going. Lean on your friends and your support group. Collaboration makes you stronger and better. Trust your gut. Never compromise your vision. You’re in this for you, so trust what makes you happy.

Finally, what is next for Vyolet?

Hue coming soon. For the rest, stay tuned and follow me on Instagram for updates.

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