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Meet The LOTTS

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Rewind a couple of weeks ago, and The Lotts were embarking on their release of their debut EP 'We Are The Lotts'; a product of the Warrington band's time with Tim Lewis aka Thighpaulsandra at Rockfield Studios.

Formed in 2018, the four-piece band have taken influences from the likes of The Stooges, The New York Dolls and Velvet Underground; to create their own identity, that has seen them create raw and energetic garage punk.

In three days, the band recorded five invigorating, no-nonsense songs which grab The Lotts' motto, "do it fast, do it loud." This ranged from the title track 'We Are The Lotts' a garage rush of pure punk to 'I Don't' which shows off their guitar riffs, but ends too abruptly to get anywhere. The EP is then closed by the likes of 'Preacher Man' a more melodic and complex structure that shows what the band are capable of, to the final track 'Mouth', a mellow and psychedelic side of the project.

With gaining a reputation for their impressive live performances, The Lotts debut EP shows off their talent for garage punk, but there is still a long way to go for the band.

As far as the band are concerned, their weird and wonderful music has led to a fulfilled EP that oozes high energy and exciting punk.

What is the meaning behind The Lotts and how long you've been making music?

There’s no meaning behind the name we just didn't want anything flashy, so we tried to come up with the least impressive name ever hence The Lotts. We’ve been a band for up to 3 years I guess, I don't know the exact day we started but I think we started playing music together in our free periods in college in late 2017. We didn't start playing shows until another year or so.

It's been a few weeks since the release of your EP 'We are the Lotts' - what is the story behind the project and what has the reaction been like from fans?

We’ve never done a proper release before, so we felt it was long overdue, we didn't want to just bung out a few singles now and then, so we picked our five favourite songs that we recorded at our two sessions at Rockfield Studios.

The response has been great, it's cool that so many people dig something we made ourselves, hopefully, we can bring another out soon because we've done a lot of songwriting in quarantine.

What would you say your main influence is when it comes to creating music?

Usually, it’s early rock n’ roll bands like The Monks, MC5, The Stooges and all that good stuff that we look towards and try to sound like when we write.

As a band, when did you realise you wanted to pursue music?

When we used to play music in college, we didn’t think we’d do shows and record, but people who we played with seemed to like it so we thought we might do a couple of shows and then we just stuck to it and now it's all we want to do.

With music evolving so much, who is your favourite artist now?

I don’t keep up with new music, I usually get around to it a couple of years after, but our friends 'The C33s' are killing it and we’ve played a few shows with them in the past and they're always killing it. Their new single Harpurhey Hostility is a killer.

Finally, what is the next stage for you as a band?

Just to keep playing rock n’ roll for as long as we can and get away with it.