Meet...The Clockworks

From starting out within the close-knit of Galway to now immersing themselves through the bustling city of London, The Clockworks will soon be rocking a stage near you.

Drawn together by a mutual appreciation of all music, the rising four-piece have slowly established themselves as one of the most exciting indie-rock bands within the UK music scene. From the infusion of old-school rock with modern indie tendencies, The Clockworks are following the footsteps of Ireland stars U2 and Hozier.

As they enjoy the next steps of their career, Vibez spoke to lead single James McGregor about their latest single, 'Feel So Real', moving from Ireland to London and putting out an album at the right time.

Firstly, what has the first months of 2021 thrown you guys and what's the reaction been like for your latest single, 'Feel So Real'?

We’ve been really busy with the single and video and a few other bits we’re working on. The reaction to “Feels So Real” has been great, and the video we made with Oscar J Ryan has been received well too, which is great to see.

As we talk about your first offering of the year, what's the overarching theme of 'Feel So Real'?

The song came from trying to get a certain feeling of excitement and rapture and then write a stream of consciousness that might accompany that feeling for the person narrating. That was the impetus for the song anyway.

Looking back at the past few years, you made your debut back in 2019 with 'Bills & Pills' - how did The Clockworks kick-off and what's been the most exciting part of being a band?

We’re all friends who've bonded over music and a romantic notion of being in a band. It’s all exciting for us. We’ve worked really hard from the start and had years of not actually doing much but writing and playing in empty rooms, so now we appreciate every opportunity that comes our way. The most exciting and important thing is writing songs though. The four of us sitting in a room together putting the jigsaw pieces together is what it’s all about.

As we talk about your rising, you could say 2020 was the year for the band but, how would you describe it, especially in the middle of the pandemic?

I think there’s definitely ambivalence towards last year. It was tragic and awful to so many people in so many ways. We were fortunate with our year; we wrote a lot, read a lot, thought a lot, spent time with our families and released singles we’re really proud of.

With being tipped as Ones to Watch for this year, how are you going to reach those expectations of many and, what can fans expect?

We’re just going to do what we have always done. We’re going to write and release as much as we can, gig as much as possible, and work hard to keep pushing forward. The rest is beyond our control.

In terms of new music, is there a larger project in the pipeline and, are there any secrets you could spill?

An album is something we’re always thinking about, but unfortunately, there are no secrets to be spill today. We love the concept of albums, and we’re excited to do one, but we want to do it at the right time.

Whilst we can hope for music, you have already announced your support with Inhaler upcoming Ireland dates - can we expect any other live performances before 2021 end, and how excited are you all to get back out on the stage?

We’re hugely excited to get back out and gig again. Nothing better than a year of not being able to play to work up a hunger for the stage. We’ll be playing as much as we can, wherever we can. I’d love to say that we’ll be playing lots later this year, but we’ll have to see what happens.

Formerly from Galway and now living in London, what are your top three rising artists you think we should listen to?





Now set in London, what's different about the music scene compared to Ireland and what have you learnt from the transition?

We were so fortunate to live in Galway when we met and formed a band because it’s a brilliant city. Because it’s so small, there isn’t a large scene, and therefore there’s no “clique” to conform to. It’s just lots of different artists and musicians all supporting each other, regardless of how different the genres are. People like David Boland and Gugai are amazing at bringing a community together in Galway. London is this huge sprawling scene, bubbling with ambition, pushing the envelope and where anyone you see at the bar could be this manager or that booking agent. Everything is full throttle in London, and that’s where we feel like we need to be right now. Never 100% comfortable.

Finally, as you continue to rise, what's the dream for The Clockworks?

Headline Glastonbury, Saturday night. We want to be free to keep writing songs that we’re proud of, play everywhere in the world and releasing music as much as we can.

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